Flat Belly Detox – Does It Really Work Or Is It a SCAM? Find Real Truth!

Flat Belly Detox Manual

Weight shaming is a real issue and its ridiculous how many of us turn a blind eye to it. Those who suffer from overweight are constantly made fun of and forced to think that they aren’t enough, just cause they weigh slightly more than others. If that’s the case with you, then you have come to the right place.

How Do You Know You’re Overweight?

Well for most it’s pretty obvious and people certainly don’t keep their opinions to themselves either.

The real way to know if you’re overweight is by checking your Body Mass Index or BMI for short. You divide your height( in inches) by your weight( in pounds). Now your result determines where you stand.

  • 18-25: if your BMI is in between these values then you have normal weight.
  • 25-30: if your BMI is in between these values then you are overweight.
  • Over 30: If your BMI is 30 or above then you are obese.


Do you wonder why you are overweight

Do You Wonder Why You’re Overweight?

We are all different and unique in our own way and so the reasons someone is overweight may differ highly from someone else’s.

Some common reasons for being overweight are:

  • Genetics: Slight alterations in genes can be a major cause of obesity.
  • Diet: I’m sure we’re all familiar with the term, you are what you eat. This is especially accurate when you consider most people. 8 out of 10 times, people who are overweight have a high-calorie diet, full of fats and carbs.
  • Sitting: No, you shouldn’t stop sitting. What I mean, is that most of us after eating a meal sit down and even doze off. This puts pressure on our lower body, leading to the accumulation of fat.
  • Hypothyroidism: Having an underactive thyroid means that your thyroid gland is unable to produce the thyroid hormones that are excessively important for body metabolism. Less amount of hormones leads to major weight gain.
  • Ageing: As you get older, you are more prone to gain weight as your muscle mass decreases greatly.
  • Diabetes: Those who suffer from diabetes take insulin injections and this can lead to weight gain.
  • Steroids: Some people are prescribed corticosteroids to treat asthma and arthritis. The higher the dose, the greater the weight gain.
  • Hormone Imbalance: Insulin, cortisol and leptin are important body hormones and if their levels are imbalanced, weight gain may be one of their effects.
  • Stress: It is a matter of common observation, those who are stressed put on weight rapidly. This is due to excessive production of the stress hormone( cortisol).
  • Tiredness: Getting less than 7 hours of sleep can be a cause of weight gain. In order to gain energy, you’ll eat and drink the stuff, high in calories leading to weight gain.

Why Is Being Overweight An Issue?

The thing about being overweight is that it isn’t associated with a particular age. You could be a teenager or well in your fifties and yet be suffering from overweight.

I’m all for accepting your body for how it is and I do agree that fat shaming is wrong. With all this said I do think that those who themselves are overweight want a change, both physical and mental.

A change is important not only to help you feel good about yourself but also in order to steer clear from potential health dangers such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases
  • Hypertension ( high blood pressure)
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Respiratory problems
  • Gout
  • Joint problems and more

I don’t want any disease, I want to lose weight Now!

How Can I Lose Weight?

God knows everyone has an opinion on how to lose weight. There are more diets and exercises out there than you know about. Keto, vegan, dairy free, gluten free and the lists go on and on. Oh, and the exercises, they have the scariest names like deadlifts and squats. All these intense diets and workouts would actually be very effective if you continued them for years but come on! One day of exercise and you will automatically promote the next day as, ‘cheat day’.

There are many sane options like detox water but then you come up with questions like, ‘Does detox water help you lose belly fat’. Although the answer is yes, the time it’ll take to show any real results is agonizing. If you want quick and effective results then boy I have just the thing for you.


Flat Belly Detox

It is basically a blueprint or a plan to help you lose weight. It is an amazing and effective guide made by, Josh Houghton, who himself suffered from excessive weight. After much bullying and contemplation, he was able to come up with this incredible guide.


Flat belly detox ingredients

What Do You Get with Flat Belly Detox?

With flat belly detox, you 100% get your money’s worth. The pack includes:

    • The Main Manual

      : This is the most important as it contains the recipes and the flat belly detox ingredients you’ll need to create the ‘instant energy’ recipe. It also has a secret morning trick that will help you burn fat even more. Another important jewel of this manual is the flat belly detox soup recipe. The soup combined with all the good stuff, will leave you slim and fit in no time.

    • Bedtime Belly Detox:  

      This will take a few minutes at night and will help you flush out dangerous toxins out of your body.


  • Detox Quick Start Guide: 

    This is what will lead you and make you familiar with the concept of weight loss.


  • Flatten Your Belly Guide: 
    • This covers 4 impact exercises that will contribute to your weight loss journey. A number of workout videos are also a part of the package.
Pros of Flat Belly Detox

Your chances of losing weight will increase dramatically if you follow the Flat Belly Detox Guide. There are a number of reasons as to why you should get on with the program, some of them being:

    • It works: I mean isn’t losing weight the main concern? This guide will lead to weight loss in no time.
    • It has easy to follow recipes: The ingredients the recipes require are easily available and there is a huge chance that you’ll already have them in your kitchen. The recipes are also very straightforward and goof proof.
    • For all ages: Not everyone can use a dietary supplement to lose weight, as you have to be a certain age and you have to make sure you aren’t allergic to the supplement. However, anyone, of any age can use Flat Belly Detox and will see fabulous results.
    • You get your money’s worth: Flat Belly Detox contains a lot of material. Each piece of information plays an important role to help you burn off fat.
    • Protects you from diseases: Losing weight deems you less liable to get diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension and more.
    • Prevents weight gain: Many people are able to lose weight but the lost weight somehow finds its way back to them. Flat Belly Detox has the best tips and tricks to prevent the return of stubborn body fat.
    • It improves concentration: Flat Belly Detox will enhance your mood and will increase your energy levels. As a result, you will be able to concentrate and focus on important stuff.
    • It will boost your self-confidence: Weight can take a toll on your confidence level and may cause you to feel insecure. As soon as you drop a few pounds, you’ll feel indestructible.
    • It’s affordable: Flat Belly Detox is an absolute steal as for a small price, you get an incredible amount of information.

Flat Belly Detox

Flat Belly Detox Reviews

Research shows that women are more likely to be overweight than men and hence they have a greater chance of suffering from certain diseases.

Flat Belly Detox has great reviews and users usually see a loss of about 3-9 kgs in just the first week!

Users love the new-found energy they gain by the use of, Flat Belly Detox, and feel more focused. They also claim to be better at their jobs and feel more in control in their lives. In a nutshell, users are quite satisfied with the results the program has to offer.

Lose Pounds All Around with Flat Belly Detox

We come across a lot of crazy diet plans that claim things like, ‘ 3-day flat belly detox’ or the ‘top 10 ways to lose weight’. None of these tactics shows actual results.

Flat Belly Detox is a perfect program for anyone, irrespective of age or gender. You get an ample amount of information to lose weight, without having to use any supplements or crazy exercise regimens. The program has no adverse effects as everything you use will be from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Flat Belly Detox also mentions a number of tips and tricks, like certain healthy fruits you should avoid as they may be playing a role in your weight gain. Crazy right?

All in all, there is absolutely no harm in trying Flat Belly Detox, rather there are only chances of improvement and hence I think it’s worth the leap of faith.


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