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Do you ever wonder why you are more susceptible to diseases than your grandparents? We, being millennials, have access to all these extraordinary medical procedures and treatments, yet the latest infection outbreak and boom we’re sick.

It’s actually dumbfounding how even though we’re making scientific breakthroughs every day it feels like we’re moving a step backwards. Maybe it’s time to take a page out of our grandparents’ books.

Natural Remedies

There is something just calming about the word natural. It’s free of chemicals and toxins. Nowadays, natural remedies are gaining popularity once again as, although modern medicine has its benefits, it has its setbacks too.

People are wanting to go back to simpler times and that too for all the right reasons and what better way to follow this, then with all the remedies, you need in a book form.

The Lost Book of Remedies

The book is an amazing compilation of natural remedies and the ingredients required for them. The book is full of a number of plants and herbs, all of which have amazing medicinal properties. This book allows you to take control of your health just like our ancestors did before us.

Claude Davis- The Author of The Lost Book of Remedies

Claude Davis is an author, known for his book ‘ The Lost Ways’. The actual source of his information for the content of his book, The Lost Book of Remedies, is his grandfather. Through him, Claude has learned all the effective and natural techniques for healthcare. The Lost Book of Remedies gives you the power to take control of your health.

What Will You Get From The Book?

The great thing about this book is that it has every bit of information you need to get better health naturally. The content of the book can be divided into 3 main categories:

  • The names of useful plants and herbs: Rather than going on a wild goose chase, this book provides you with the names and even the locations of specific plants and herbs.
  • Clear illustrations of the plants and herbs: Just knowing the name of the herb isn’t enough, as so many of them look the same. You don’t want to end up picking something poisonous and this is why actual pictures of the herbs and their characteristic features are mentioned in the book.
  • Recipes: All your herb searching would be useless until you actually have step by step recipes. The index of the book is filled with the names of the beneficial herbs and plants and the pages then contain the recipes for these herbs.


    1. 72 Square-feet medicinal garden: How amazing would it be to walk outside into your very own medicinal garden? This guide teaches you just how to do that and will help you choose the absolute best herbs and plants to grow.


  • Disaster Medicine-A handbook for when help is not on the way: This book informs you about 20 infections and diseases that you could catch commonly and how to deal with them in emergencies.

What are the Benefits of The Lost Book of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies is an amazing compilation of all the important information you need, to have great health. The benefits of the book are incredible, some being:

  • Natural alternative: If you are someone that is tired of taking pills, for even just a cold then you will surely love this book.
  • Informative: Although the internet is full of remedies, many of them fail to impress. This book contains remedies that have been tried and tested for centuries.
  • Can Be Used By Anyone: The downside of most drugs and pills is that they can’t be used by every person. The fact that these remedies are all natural,  eliminate any chances of adverse effects.
  • Will Replace Antibiotics: One thing everyone seems to know is that you cure bacterial infections by antibiotics. The extensive use of antibiotics is desensitizing our bodies and a time will come when our bodies will become immune to their action. This book will teach you natural alternatives that will protect your body.
  • Helps Identify Useful Herbs: Plants and herbs that you overlooked on your walk in the forest will now have a positive effect on your health if used properly.
  • Helps Treat Diseases: Bleeding, arthritis, inflammation and many other diseases can be treated by use of the information available in this book.
  • Easy to follow: The book and its wordings are easy to follow and the recipes are dummy proof.
  • Hardcover: Most of us love the feel of a proper book in our hand and the lost book of old remedies hardcover offers just that.
  • PDF: Many of you probably don’t care for books and are always on the go. For you, the book also has a PDF form so that you can always have the book with you no matter where you are.
  • Safe to Use: The whole reason we want to cut-down on modern medicine is due to the harmful side effects it has on the body. The lost book of old remedies has all natural techniques that will have you fit and fab in a jiffy.
  • Increases Age Expectancy: It’s a fact that our ancestors had a greater life expectancy as compared to us. Improper health care is one of the obvious reasons for this huge gap. Use of all natural ingredients and remedies will bring us back to the ways of our ancestors and will help us live healthier, longer lives.


Is the Lost Book Of Remedies A Scam?

Did you know that turmeric can treat inflammation? or that angry bear paw can be used to treat wounds? I’m pretty sure your answer is no. All of this knowledge is out there yet concealed from us. The Lost Book of Remedies is such a great source of information. It has numerous remedies, all of which were used in simpler times before the pharmaceutical industry started ripping us off.

Is the book a scam? No. There is no way for it to be a scam. It has information, passed down from generations and actual results are seen.

This book is a great solution to break our dependence on modern medicine and it will also ensure a healthier, longer life.

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